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Walker’s has a superior carpet cleaning system with a quick drying time.
Our process:

-Commercial Pre-Vacuum                                                                        
-Steam Cleaning
-Post-Cleaning Inspection   


Our process is quick and extremely effective, creating a much better experience for the homeowners.
Our Process:

-Apply mixed solution
-Scrub floor and/or grout lines
-Rinse and Extract
-Apply sealer to grout lines
-Post- Cleaning Inspection 

Ceramic tile floor cleaning & Hard surface cleaning

just got a whole lot easier!

The Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool features a 15” cleaning path that’s 25% larger than standard hard surface tools, boosting your productivity so you can clean more surface with every stroke. The low-profile design lets the SX-15 fit under toe kicks too.
Plus, the aerodynamically-engineered radial vacuum line creates a laminar-flow vortex in the cleaning head. This unique airflow system improves recovery of water, removing it twice as fast as competitive models.
 so you can blast away the most stubborn dirt and oily deposits with ease. A toe-adjustable vacuum relief lets you adjust the suction strength on the fly. 
The SX-15 features a stainless steel handle and high-tech polymer casing that take durability to a whole new level. Though it’s heavy on strength, it’s light on weight. The SX-15 features a lightweight construction so it feels like it’s almost floating along the floor.
Ergonomically designed, the SX-15 has handles that are spaced shoulder-width apart, so you can use side-to-side or front-to-back cleaning strokes—whichever is most comfortable for you.


What we will use is   

Peroxide Activated Concrete, Tile & Grout Cleaner and Brightener 

A product break through in Concrete, Tile, & Grout cleaning and brightening Peroxibright CTG is a synergistic product breakthrough that cleans and brightens even the grungiest concrete, tile and grout floors, fixtures, and walls. The activated effervescent solution gets into every crevice, crack and pore to emulsify, dissolve and deflocculate even the most stubborn soiling. A proprietary mixture of specialized surfactants and non-butyl solvents is activated by a stabilized oxygenated solution for maximum molecular cleaning and brightening action.

⦁    Activated effervescent solution gets into every crevice, crack, and pore to effectively emulsify, dissolve and defloculate the most stubborn soiling and grime build-up
⦁    Cleans and brightens without need for neutralization that harsh acids require Peroxibright CTG brightens grout lines without the use of harsh acids and chlorine bleaches that can damage the grout and surrounding flooring materials. It cleans, refreshes, and brightens concrete, tile, and grout without leaving watermarks or residue like other cleaning chemicals can.
⦁    A proprietary mixture of specialized surfactants and non-butyl solvents is activated by a stabilized oxygenated solution
⦁    extractors like the

⦁     Hydro-Force SX-12 and SX-15, it can be safely and effectively used with virtually any 

⦁    hard surface floor cleaning brush or mop system.

Peroxibright CTG cleans and brightens without the need for neutralization that harsh acid solutions require because it is self-neutralizing. While Peroxibright CTG is designed to work ideally with rotary hard surface cleaning extractors like the Hydro-Force SX-12 and SX-15, it can be safely and effectively used with virtually any hard surface floor cleaning brush or mop system.
Places we clean.
    Bathrooms, commercial kitchens, entrance ways, hospitals, any tile floors




Why you need grout sealer

Grout is basically a mixture of sand and cement.  As a result, if you don’t seal your grout, it will absorb water, bacteria and stains.  Adding a grout sealer protects your grout so it’s waterproof and will repel moisture and germs.  Sealing the grout helps prolong the look, texture and consistency of your grout and it prevents mildew and mold.  Your grout will look better and last longer.


Du Pont™ StoneTech Professional- Heavy Duty Grout Sealer®: This product is specially designed to seal porous stone, tile and grout without affecting slip resistance. It is the ideal water based sealer for natural stone including marble, granite, limestone, bluestone, travertine, sandstone, terrazzo, ceramic and porcelain. It is ideal for application to the most porous stone surfaces. It is the preferred product when applying a clear sealer to grout since it can be sprayed or sponged onto grout lines and squeegeed or mopped off non-porous ceramic and porcelain tile, decreasing the application time. Stonetech contains bonding and protection technology that provides maximum protection against most spills, spots, and stains. You have made a large investment into fine stone flooring and this is the best product line for grout sealing.  

Features and Benefits:

Applying StoneTech Professional- Heavy Duty Grout Sealer® makes cleaning the stone easier, offers heavy duty protection against most stains, protects the grout against surface and texture changes caused by many spilled common household food and beverage spills. It preserves the natural look of the stone, and can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces.


Sweep and clean all hard surface floors prior to cleaning.

Mask off and protect any baseboards or adjacent areas to avoid splashing and overspray onto surfaces not intended to be treated.

Liberally apply using a paint pad, low-pressure chemical-resistant sprayer, narrow roller or natural hairbrush, focusing on the grout joints.

Allow sealer to completely penetrate into the grout, 5-15 minutes.

Liberally apply a second coat following steps 2 and 3.

Wipe up all sealer from the surface of the tile. Use a clean, dry, lint-free, cotton towel or mop to remove excess sealer.

If sealer was not completely wiped off and a residue appears, wipe entire surface with a towel dampened with sealer. Use a white nylon pad to loosen residue and follow with a clean, white absorbent towel to remove.

A full cure is achieved after 24-48 hours; foot traffic may begin in 4 hours. Cover with red rosin paper, if foot traffic must resume before the recommended time periods have passed.


Pressure washing and power washing is suited for different performance applications.
Our Process:

-Pre- Inspection
-Clean debris/dirt from surface
-Pre-Soak Foam
-Power Clean
-Apply fungicidal prevention solution
-Post- Cleaning Inspection

A home for most people will be the largest investment that they will ever have. So, most people know the importance of taking the time to take care of it. Power washing your home can give your home instant life and curb appeal. Along with making your homes appearance better, our pressure power wash services can also increase the value of your home. Walker’s pressure power wash services are affordable and timely. When we finish our pressure power washer service on your home it will be free of dirt, mold, and mildew which will cause rot and decay. Having these services done eliminates the risk of future repairs, renovations, and replacements of the building materials that make up your home.


  • We will Clean and Power wash surfaces with low pressure on wood surfaces so that it does not splinter and higher pressure for more durable surfaces like aluminum, vinyl, stucco, aggregate, brick and concrete.

  • We will pre-spray surfaces to be cleaned with a patented concentrate mildewcide, ChloRelease bleach activator and detergent which kills mold and mildew and removes dirt and stains on most exterior, painted, non-porous surfaces such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, stucco, brick, concrete and cement allowing a dwell time for pre-spray to work and then power wash surfaces clean.


This will be an overall cleaning of surfaces, which we will need to be free of all furnishings, plants, and grills so that we can have access to entire surfaces during cleaning processes. If house washing is part of this estimate screens will need to be removed if windows are to be cleaned during this process.

Areas of Use

Pressure washing is employed by businesses and homeowners to reduce allergies, minimize hazards, and improve aesthetics. A pressure washer is used to clean surfaces such as:

  • Gutters

  • Roofs

  • Decks

  • Sidewalks

  • Patios

  • Driveways

  • Siding

  • Parking lots

  • Cladding


Depending upon the surface to be cleaned, higher or lower pressure should be used, as well as the appropriate nozzle.

Pressure washer nozzles alter the direction of flow and velocity of the water. Nozzles allow users to reach a greater distance or apply more pressure to a difficult to clean surface, however, they can be dangerous. Nozzles are color coded for easy identification, with black nozzles covering the widest degree (65°) and red nozzles covering the least (0°). Great care should be taken when using a 0° nozzle as it can cause injury to the user and damage to surfaces.


Proper maintenance and cleaning of your home’s gutters and downspouts is an important preventive measure to keep your home’s interior from being damaged. Flooding through the foundation and walls or leaks in the roof due to seepage of water are major causes of clogged or damaged gutters and down spouts.


Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned and checked for signs of necessary repairs at least twice a year. Typically, the best times to do this are late spring after the pollen and seedpods have fallen and late fall after leaves have fallen.

Gutter Cleaning is our specialty and we pride ourselves on our system of cleaning. Below is a step by step outline of what you can expect when we come to your home for your gutter cleaning.


5 step gutter cleaning process


Step 1

A ladder will be used to reach the gutter on your house. We remove leaves, acorns, sticks and any other debris from your roof. Many times, debris gets caught in the valleys of a roof or behind chimneys. For these situations we utilize extension poles or powerful air blowers to remove it.


Step 2
We remove the heavy debris from the gutters, by hand, and place into a bucket.


Step 3
We remove any remaining debris from the gutters with high powered handheld blowers and/or by flushing the gutters with a garden hose. Simply removing the debris by hand, as many companies do, does not adequately remove the smaller particles that are difficult to pick up. At all times, we are careful not to stain the exterior of the gutter. If we do, we promptly clean it up!


Step 4
We test each downspout to ensure that it is clear. Note: If a downspout is blocked, we will snake it clear or flush it with a garden hose. Our crews have the experience to disassemble the elbow and unclog the blockage if necessary.


Step 5
We clean up any debris surrounding your property and dispose of it properly. We leave your gutters and the surrounding area “spotless!!”


Last winter alone there was significant damage due to frozen gutters, burst pipes and other weather related disasters. To prevent this from happening to you, utilize Spotless Gutter Cleaning 


Walker’s uses professional window cleaning with a special water fed pole system and deionized water to clean windows safely from the ground outside.
Our process:

-Scrub frame and windows                                   
-Screen removal                                                     
-Screen cleaning                                                    
-wipe the windows
-Dry and clean the tracks
-Remove stickers, decals
-Vacuum or dust frames
-Spray the solution
-Wipe windows
-Dry and clean the tracks


For years, the industry standard for residential window washing has been to use a chemical solution, mixed with tap water, and a squeegee to ensure a streak-free shine. While this method of both commercial and residential window washing will get the job done there is a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative—deionized water.
The tap water that is traditionally used for window washing contains trace amounts of minerals. While this is ideal for drinking, it is these same minerals that lead to streaks and residue when cleaning your windows or even your car.

What is deionized water and how do you use it to clean windows?

Deionized water is also called demineralized water, DM water, DI water, or DIW.  Trace amounts of minerals like sodium & calcium are in tap water. Through electrodionization, the dissolved minerals in regular tap water are removed. We use a TDS meter (totally dissolved solids) to ensure that the filtered water is pure down to a measurement of 0 PPM (parts per million).  A brush is used to agitate the dirt from the glass and then it is rinsed completely with the deionized water.  When it the glass dries, it is completely spot and streak free. This method is also effective at cleaning window frames and tracks.

When water is deionized, these same minerals are removed, ensuring a streak-free shine. However, what really makes the deionization process unique, is that deionization essentially turns your water it into a magnet for the dirt and grime which is ideal for residential and commercial window washing. The deionized water’s ability to attract dirt, eliminates the need for a chemical cleanser.

Other Benefits of Deionized Water For Commercial And Residential Window Cleaning
Since deionized water is able to achieve a streak-free shine without the use of a squeegee, many residential and commercial window washing services in Northern Virginia area can eliminate the need for ladders and scaffolding when washing windows.
Instead windows can be cleaned in a safer and more efficient manner, with only deionized water, and an irrigated pole with a built-in brush designed for window washing. While elevation may still be required for multi-story commercial and residential homes and buildings window washers no longer have to stand directly in front of the windows they are washing.
The deionization method also means the water coming from the CR Spotless unit can even pull out haze-inducing dirt on the molecular level which has settled into the surface. This unique property will make your glass shine as bright as absolutely possible. This property of molecular attraction is unique to deionized water; nothing cleans and shines glass, chrome, paint and other hard surfaces more efficiently than the water from a CR Spotless system.

What This Means for You?

If you are in the market for a residential window washing system, making the switch to deionized water provides the benefits below:

- Is a chemical-free and eco-friendly alternative.
- Will take less time from start-to-finish.
- Is easier to maneuver and requires less supplies.
- Increases safety by eliminating the need for height.
- Deionized water is more cost effective because it requires no chemicals.

when you think of professional window cleaning, what do you think of? More than likely, you imagine someone with a ladder and a squeegee. However, like many other industries, window cleaning has made advancements and can now be performed better, faster, safer and more environmentally friendly.
Modern window cleaning is now done with a special water fed pole system and deionized water to clean windows safely from the ground. A soft bristled brush is used to scrub the dirt off the glass, while jets of pure water rinse the window. This pure (deionized water) not only cleans off the dirt more efficiently, it also dries to a spot-free finish as it has no impurities like tap water.

Advantages of Using Deionized Water for Window Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly– no detergents or any chemical is used, just pure water.
Efficient– cleaning with an irrigated pole in some cases can be up to 50% faster than using a ladder. This eliminates most of the interruption to staff or the general public.
Better Cleaning– using the brush that is attached to the irrigated pole means window frames and surrounds are also cleaned.
Safety– with different pole lengths, we are now able to reach areas that were not reachable without the usage of a ladder. (Even though our technicians have no trouble using a ladder!) this is great for certain commercial facilities that have to be compliant with different safety laws.
So pretty much, deionized water cleaning is a huge game changer! But, not only for window cleaning. We can also use our deionized water cleaning system for other services. Such as washing/scrubbing building’s exterior. We have many customers who have sensitive exterior material that cannot take the pressure of a standard pressure washer. Our deionized water cleaning system does a beautiful job of making these services possible. Check out the video below to see the system in action and tracks.


We are here to help with a carefully designed cleaning process, Our service entail

-Wipe walls and woodwork
-Disinfect and clean kitchens and bathrooms
-Dust blinds, fans, vents, fixtures, ceilings, vents
-Mop floors
-Remove odors
-Window cleaning
-Carpet cleaning
-Hardwood waxing
-Tile & Grout Cleaning

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